"Blutes" is the name given to the main in-game currency of Loadout.  They can be earned at the end of each match, for leveling-up, and from Daily Prize chests.  In an effort to prevent a Pay-to-Win scheme, no real-world money can be spent to obtain Blutes.

Weapons, Parts, Payloads, Equipment, and Upgrades can all be purchased with Blutes. Cosmetics and Character Customization, Clothing Options, Taunts, Avatars, Level and Blute Boosts , and extra Weapon Slots and Loadouts can not be purchased with Blutes.  This is where the developer makes their money.  These items can only be purchased with SpaceBux. Limited time boosts to double the amount of Blutes received after matches can be purchased with SpaceBux from the Store. 


At any point in time players can check their current balance of Blutes by looking in the lower right hand corner at the main menu, represented by a blue atom icon.