There are two different types of boosts that are avalaible to purchase with Spacebux. Their

Xp and blute boost

The boost timer bar.

length varies.  They will either double the amount of Blutes you earn after a match(excluding rank up bonuses) or double the amount of XP you earn after a match.

You can purchase a combo-pack where you will recieve not one, but both types of boosts at the same time! This is a cheaper alternative to buying both seperately.

The x2 Blute Boost icon as seen in the store.
The x2 XP Boost icon as seen in the store.
The x2 Combo Boost icon as seen in the store.



  • Blute / XP boosts cannot be stacked on-top of each other, so the longest one will be applied reguardless if you paid for it or not.
  • The boost timer at the bottom of the HUD may not display correctly.