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Beam Weapons[]

By Loadout's standards beams are incredibly high-tech chassis, that can shoot a continuous beam of energy at default. It does not use clips, but can overheat with extended use and pyro damage! This at the moment (6/14/14) is the most under-powered chassis after its latest nerf.


◾ Slug - standard ammunition. Shoots regular bullets with high damage. ◾ Tesla - Can cause electric damage and arc to nearby enemies, causing a chain of lightning. ◾ Health - Heals friendlies! Restores their health up to 150%. ◾ Pyro - Causes an enemy to burn over time but has a low direct hit damage. ◾ Juice - A buffer. This gives you and your teammates 15% extra speed and strength.


◾ Standard - Sturdy stock that offers a good balance between recoil and accuracy. ◾ Dampening - A stock that improves stability greatly at the cost of power and fire rate. ◾ Aluminum - Improves accuracy while moving, but offers poor recoil dampening. ◾ Shock-Absorbing - Stock that improves stability at the cost of stopping power and fire rate. ◾ Compact - Stock that improves hipfire accuracy, but at the cost of worse aimed accuracy.


◾ Full auto - Holding down the trigger allows for non-stop fire. ◾ Semi Auto - Single-fire trigger where each press fires one shot. ◾ 2-Round Burst - Each trigger press shoots off 2 rounds in quick succession. ◾ Spooling - Hold down the trigger to spin up the firing mechanism, and keep holding to shoot an extremely high rate of fire. ◾ 3-Round Burst - Each trigger press shoots off 3 rounds in a quick succession.


  • Standard - Cools beams at a moderate rate, and has a small vent that lets you vent heat faster.
  • Liquid Cooling - Offers very efficient venting of beam heat, but reduces the overall heat capacity.
  • Heatsink - Gives your beam a greater total capacity for heat, but vents at a low rate of cooling.


◾ Iron Sights - Marginal accuracy bonus when aiming. ◾ Recon scope - Lightweight scope that offers 1.5x zoom and fast ADS. ◾ Optical Zoom - Scope that offers 3x zoom ◾ Long-Range Scope - Heavy scope that offers 5x zoom ◾ Bio-Scanner - Medical diagnostic tool that allows you to see the health of friendly and enemy players when using the scope. ◾ X-Ray - Sensor scope that lets you see other players' skeletons through walls.


◾ Assault - Medium rate of fire, most effective at medium range. ◾ Light Assault -A lightweight barrel that offers high rate of fire at short to medium ranges. ◾ Gatling - Spinning barrel with extremely high rate of fire, but low accuracy. ◾ LMG - High caliber barrel with medium rate of fire and moderate damage. ◾ Scatter - Scatters shots in a wide arc with short-to-medium ranges. Offers very high damage at close ranges. ◾ Sniper - long heavy barrel that offers significant damage per shot at a low rate of fire and high recoil. ◾ Wide Scatter - Extra wide barrel that scatters shots and has a wide cone of damage. ◾ Silencer - Suppressed your shots, making them quitter and hidden from the enemy radar. ◾ Narrow Scatter - Tight spread barrel that scatters shots into a cone of damage. Offers medium range and narrow focus. ◾ Headhunter - A heavy sniper barrel that excels in headshot damage, but at the cost of significant recoil and rate of fire penalties.

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