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Pulse Weapons[]

Basic pulse weapon with default settings.

Energized chassis that shoots fast-moving pulses. Reloads with clips. Pulses are one of the four chassis types available in Loadout, others being Rifles, Launchers

and Beams.

Tech Tree[]

Pulse weapons have 7 modifiable subcategories with a total of 41 parts.


The type of projectiles fired by this weapon. Currently there are 5 categories:

Slug - Default payload. Basic kinetic damage, causes direct damage to enemies. Projectiles have the apperance of spiked metal balls.

Health - Heals friendly players, restoring health points up to a maximum of 150%. Heals instantly and also passively over time. Projectiles have the appearance of glass capsules with metal ends, filled with green liquid.

Tesla - Causes electric damage and can arc to nearby enemies, causing a chain of lighting. Has slightly lower damage than Slug. Projectiles have the appearance of balls of electricity.

The Juice - Unlockable after purchasing Health. Use this to buff yourself or teammates, granting them extra strength and speed. Projectlies are similar to Health, but are filled with orange liquid.

Pyro - Unlockable after purchasing Tesla. Catches enemies on fire and causes them to burn, damaging them over time. Deas lower instant damage than Slug, but together with over-time burn damage is more powerful. Projectiles have the appearance of fireballs.


Assault -  Default barrel. Assault barrel for rifles with a medium rate of fire. Most effective at medium range.

Light Assault - A lightweight barrel that offers high rate of fire at short to medium ranges.

Scatter - Scatters shots into a wide arc with short-to-medium range effect. Offers very high damage at short ranges.

Sniper - Long heavy barrel that offers significant damage per shot, but with a low rate of fire and high recoil.

Gatling - Unlockable after purchasing Light Assault. Spinning barrel with extremely high rate of fire, but low accuracy.

Silencer - Unlockable after purchasing Light Assault. Supresses your shots, making them quieter and hiding you from enemy radar.

Wide Scatter - Unlockable after purchasing Scatter. Extra-wide barrel that scatters shots. Provides a short-range but extremely wide cone of damage.

Headhunter - Unlockable after purchasing Sniper. A heavy sniper barrel that excels in headshot damage, but comes at the cost of significant recoil and rate of fire penalties.

Narrow Scatter - Unlockable after purchasing Wide Scatter. Tight spread barrel that scatters shots into a cone of damage. Offers medium range and narrow focus.


Standard - Default stock. Sturdy and reliable gun stock that offers a good balance of accuracy and recoil.

Aluminum - Lightweight stock that improves accuracy while moving, but offers poor recoil dampening.

Dampening - Dampening stock that improves stability at the cost of stopping power and fire rate.

Compact - Compact stock that improves hipfire accuracy, but at the cost of worse aim accuracy.

Shock-Absorbing - Shock-Absorbing stock that improves stability at the cost of stopping power and fire rate.


Iron Sights - Default scope. Mounted iron sightings that give marginal accuracy bonus when aiming.

Recon Scope - Lightweight zoom scope that offers 1.5x zoom and fast aiming.

Laser-Guidance System - Range-finder sensor and attached laser sight that allows you to home projectiles in to where you are zooming.

Bio-Scanner - Medical diagnostic tool that allows you to see the health of friendly and enemy players when using the scope.

Optical Zoom - Unlockable after purchasing Recon Scope. Optical zoom scope with a 3x zoom factor.

X-Ray - Unlockable after purchasing Bio-Scanner. X-Ray sensor scope that lets you see other players´ skeletons through walls.

Long-Range Scope -  Unlockable after purchasing Optical Zoom. Large attached scope that offers 5x zoom level.


Full Auto - Default trigger. Automatic trigger, holding down the trigger allows for continuous fire.

2-Round Burst - Each trigger press shoots off 2 rounds in quick succession.

Semi-Auto - Single.fire trigger where each press fires one shot.

Spooling - Hold down the trigger to spin up the firing mechanism, and keep holding to shoot at extremely high rate of fire.

3-Round Burst - Unlockable after purchasing 2-Round Burst. Each trigger press shoots off 2 rounds in quick succession.

Charged - Unlockable after purchasing Semi-Auto. Hold down the trigger to charge up, and release when fully charged to unleash single powerful blast.


Standard - Default magazine. 50 round clip that uses 9mm bullets.

High Capacity - High ammo capacity, but individual shots do less damage.

Shell Loading - Individual-loading magazine with low capacity that offers increased damage per shot.

Bolt Action - Unlockable after purchasing Shell Loading. Single-shot loading magazine that allows for large and high-damaging shots.


Standard - Default dynamics. Pulse travels at medium high speed and stops on impact.

Bouncy - Pulses that travel at medium speed and bounce when they hit a surface(Will not bounce after hitting players).

Corkscrew - Spiraling rocket propulsion that sends projectiles forward in a corkscrew.

Skipping - Unlockable after purchasing Bouncy. Lobbed, bouncy projectile that skips multiple times off the ground.

Slow Pulse -  Unlockable after purchasing Corkscrew. Travels at a slow speed and stops on impact.

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