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Cooling is the beam equivalent of a magazine. Beams have a special function in where they do not run out of ammo. Instead beams have the capacity to overheat. Rapidly press R will allow for your beam to cool down when it has overheated. A beam cannot cool down while the user is on fire. There are currently three forms of cooling. Standard, Heatsink, Liquid Cooling.


  • "Cool beams at a moderate rate, and has a manual vent that lets you vent heat faster."
    • This is the stock cooling unit. It has decent damage, fire rate and capacity


  • "Gives your beam weapons a greater total capacity for heat, but vents at a low rate of cooling."
    • heatsink has 61 more capacity than the standard cooling unit. It also has a higher fire rate but it does slightly less damage. Many players perfer to use heatsink.

Liquid CoolingEdit

  • "Offers very efficient venting of beam heat, but reduces the overall heat capacity"
    • Liquid cooling offers a substantial damage bonus, but it has a very minimal rate of fire and capacity. It could be used very well with the beam sniper rifle.