Death Snatch is one of the 5 Game Types game type in Loadout in which the main objective is to kill players of the opposing team, similar to the classic Team Deathmatch game mode in many shooter games. The aim in the game mode is to reach 3500 points first among the two opposing teams, which can be accomplished by picking up red Blutonium Vials dropped by the enemies when they died. Each vial gives the team 100 points, meaning the team will require 35 vials in order to win the match. Players can also prevent the opposing team from scoring by picking up green vials dropped by allies.


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Unlike Blitz and Extraction, Death Snatch focuses more on the combat between the two teams. As a result, this game mode tend to be more fast-paced and competitive compared to the other game modes.


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Loadout Gametype Tutorial Death Snatch 101

Loadout Gametype Tutorial Death Snatch 101

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