Loadout Wiki

Equipments are items used in loadouts along with 2 weapons and a character. There are currently 15 different equipments.

You can only have one equipment per loadout. Some equipments require an Equipment Pack to be picked up to replenish, while others don't.

Selecting equipment in a loadout

Players start out with the Hand Grenade unlocked. More equipment can be unlocked in the Tech Tree for blutes.

The following is a list for all the types of equipment currently in-game.

Equipment Blutes Required Uses Notes
Hand Grenade.pngHand Grenade 0 2 Standard hand grenade. Deals 100 damage at close range, with a dropoff of 23 feet.
Health Pickup.pngHealth Pickup 3220 2 Deploys a Health Pack. These are the same kind as the ones found in levels.
Jump Boots.pngJump Boots 8680 Unlimited A pair of jet-boots that allows for double-jumps in the air. Has a 3 second cooldown between uses.
Faux Health Pick-up.pngFaux Health Pick-up 8290 2 A booby trap that looks like a health pack, but explodes for 95 damage when enemies walk over it.
Turret Buddy.pngTurret Buddy 5840 1 Creates an automated turret with a duplicate of your currently equipped weapon. Weak to Tesla.
Tesla Grenade.pngTesla Grenade 2700 2 A Tesla.pngTesla version of the hand grenade.
20pxEquipment Pickup 2280 2 A deployable Equipment Pack.pngEquipment Pack that can refill equipment charges (including itself).
Shield.pngShield 3800 1 Gives the user an additional 66 HP on top of the normal 100 for 10 seconds. Weak to Tesla.pngTesla.
Faux Equipment Pickup.pngFaux Equipment Pickup 4770 2 A booby trap like the Faux Health Pick-up.pngFaux Health Pick-up, that looks like an Equipment Pack instead.
Healing Grenade.pngHealing Grenade 9780 2 A grenade that heals teammates when it detonates, and leaves behind a gel of healing that heals anyone standing in it.
Spawn Point.pngSpawn Point 9650 1 Deployable spawn point, that when placed, allows you to spawn on top of it after your next death. Can be destroyed by enemies.
Fire Grenade.pngFire Grenade 3120 2 A Pyro.pngPyro version of the hand grenade. Causes damage over time.
Equip Disguise.png Disguise 11270 Unlimited Disguises you as someone on the enemy team for a short duration of time. Cancels out if you take damage or shoot.
Buff Grenade.pngBuff Grenade 13560 2 Like the Healing Grenade.pngHealing Grenade, buffs teammates it hits and leaves behind a gel of The Juice.pngThe Juice that buffs everyone in it.
Deployable Shield 10450 1 Creates a curved force field that protects the user from incoming fire. Has 200 HP. Weak to Tesla.