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Currently, there are 5 casual game types available in Loadout: Blitz, Death Snatch, Extraction, Jackhammer and the newly added Domination. These game types can be played on all of the current maps with the exception of Four Points and Brewery, which do not support Jackhammer.


Main article: Blitz

Rush to the point and be the first to stake your claim by raising the flag (or laundry). Only one point is active at a time and, as a result, Carnage Reigns.


Loadout Gametype Tutorial Blitz 101

Death Snatch[]

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Teams kill opposing teams and take their Blutonium Vials to score points. Recover your team's Blutonium Vials to deny the opposing team from scoring. BOOM, HEADSHOT!


Loadout Gametype Tutorial Death Snatch 101


Main article: Extraction

In Extraction, each team's designated "collector" gathers Blutonium deposits and rushes them to one of the grinders spread across the map. The first team to collect their fill of Blutonium wins. But be careful collectors! Blutonium is extremely volatile and will explode when shot ... or thrown,


Loadout Gametype Tutorial Extraction 101


Main article: Jackhammer

Shut down the enemy's drill by capturing their hammer-shaped batter and returning it to your drill base. The hammer is a powerful melee weapon, henceforth a player wielding the hammer can score huge points by racking up kills with it before depositing it at your teams base.


Loadout Gametype Tutorial Jackhammer 101


Capture three spread out control points simultaneously to win the game. Points can be captured from a neutral state and recaptured from the enemy team. Holding two points for most of the game will ensure victory.


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