Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade

Grenades are one of the expendable Equipment in Loadout and is a kind of throw-able explosives. Players can carry 2 grenades at a time, and they replenish whenever the player respawns or collects an Equipment Pack. It is one of the default equipment given to new players.

There are currently 5 types of Grenade currently in the game.


Hand GrenadeEdit

  • Explodes dealing up to 100 Slug damage.

Tesla GrenadeEdit

  • Explodes and damages nearby enemies in a large range.

Fire GrenadeEdit

  • Explodes and burns nearby enemies.

Healing GrenadeEdit

  • Heals allies and leaving a healing ooze.

Buff GrenadeEdit

  • Buffs nearby allies and leaving a buffing ooze.

Note that Healing and Juice Grenades explodes on impact; while Slug, Tesla and Pyro Grenades are based on time detonation.