Laser-Guidance System

Laser-Guidance System

Laser-Guidance System is a type of scope in Loadout, exclusive to the LauncherLauncher and PulsePulse chassis. While aiming, it behaves like the Iron SightsIron Sights scope and zooms in while staying in third person, providing a moderate field of view. All fired projectiles will fly towards where the laser is pointing while aiming down sights, including the ones that were fired before aiming. This gives the relatively slow moving pulses and rockets more accuracy over long ranges.


To be tested.


  • Using this scope together with a ScatterScatter barrel (for PulsePulse chassis) or the SalvoSalvo trigger (for LauncherLauncher chassis) will collect the projectiles back onto the same track after firing.
  • Laser-Guidance SystemLaser-Guidance System also works well with high rate of fire pulse weapons as it essentially eliminates the spread.
  • It can be used to redirect the AgileAgile projectiles to inflict high damage to opponent and reduce the chance of missing.