This is a list of all the unlockable equipment in Loadout.

Equipment Blutes Required Uses Notes
Hand GrenadeHand Grenade 0 2 Standard hand grenade. Deals 100 damage at close range, with a dropoff of 23 feet.
Health PickupHealth Pickup 3220 2 Deploys a Health Pack. These are the same kind as the ones found in levels.
Jump BootsJump Boots 8680 Unlimited A pair of jet-boots that allows for double-jumps in the air. Has a 3 second cooldown between uses.
Faux Health Pick-upFaux Health Pick-up 8290 2 A booby trap that looks like a health pack, but explodes for 95 damage when enemies walk over it.
Turret BuddyTurret Buddy 5840 1 Creates an automated turret with a duplicate of your currently equipped weapon. Is weak to Tesla.
Tesla GrenadeTesla Grenade 2700 2 A TeslaTesla version of the hand grenade.
20pxEquipment Pickup 2280 2 A deployable Equipment PackEquipment Pack  that can refill equipment charges (including itself).
ShieldShield 3800 1 Gives the user an additional 66 HP on top of the normal 100 for 10 seconds. Weak to TeslaTesla.
Faux Equipment PickupFaux Equipment Pickup 4770 2 A booby trap like the Faux Health Pick-upFaux Health Pick-up, that looks like an Equipment Pack  instead.
Healing GrenadeHealing Grenade 9780 2 A grenade that heals teammates when it detonates, and leaves behind a gel of healing that heals anyone standing in it.
Spawn PointSpawn Point 9650 1 Deployable spawn point, that when placed, allows you to spawn on top of it after your next death. Can be destroyed by enemies.
Fire GrenadeFire Grenade 3120 2 A PyroPyro version of the hand grenade. Causes damage over time.
Equip Disguise Disguise 11270 Unlimited Disguises you as someone on the enemy team for a short duration of time. Cancels out if you take damage or shoot.
Buff GrenadeBuff Grenade 13560 2 Like the Healing GrenadeHealing Grenade, buffs teammates it hits and leaves behind a gel of The JuiceThe Juice that buffs everyone in it.
Deployable Shield Add the info here 1 Creates a curved force field that protects the user from incoming fire. Has 200 HP. Is weak to Tesla.