The Outfit of a Loadout is what determines the visual appearance of any given player aside their choice of character. Loadout gives the player the ability to customize their character with numerous unique clothing items and taunts. Generally, aesthetic items are bought with SpaceBux, but they can also be won as a Daily Prize at the end of a match.

For a list of cosmetics, go here.

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Default Axl

2014-01-28 00003

Default T-Bone

Areas of CustomizationEdit

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The "Outfitter" Tab

Each of the aforementioned outfit customization areas: Head, Upper Body, Lower Body; have sub categories that further deepen the outfit's customization.

  • Head includes: Hat and Hair, Facial Hair, Facial Mask, Glasses and Cigar.
  • Upper Body includes: Top, Necklace, Torso Straps, Skin, and Outfit.
  • Lower Body includes: Bottom, Belt, Leg Straps, and Kneepads.

Once an Outfit is created it is saved and can be accessed for further customization by clicking on the Outfitter tab, which will display all player created outfits.  You can use same outfit on the different loadouts. Because there are so many outfit choices to choose from, players can be unique to the other players around them.