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Personal Shield

The Shield (or Personal Shield) is a piece of equipment in Loadout. Once activated, it charges up, giving its user an additional 66 hitpoints on top of the normal 100.  It puts a blue force-field effect over your character, which bursts when enough damage is taken. A shield will burst early if it takes enough damage before it is fully charged. Like other equipment, shields need to be Equipment Pack.pngresupplied between uses and lasts for 10 seconds per each use.

With the next update (said to be at the end of this month, Apr 2014) shield will be further nerfed to last 8 seconds and cannot be refilled while in use.

Previous Shield[]

Before the domination update, the shield would be a passive equipment that gave 33 extra hitpoints until broken. The shield would recharge after taking no damage for seven seconds . After complaints that the shield was overpowered, it was changed to its current form.