The Juice

The Juice

Juice is a support payload in Loadout that provides temporary buff to teammates when used. The "Juiced" player gains a higher movement speed as well as increased jump height, 20% decrease in reload speed and a damage buff. The buff decays over time, however a juiced player still gains the full benefits of juice regardless of what percentage their juice meter is currently at. The juice costs 3000 Blutes to purchase, and once purchased it can be used to make any custom weapons with for the chassis it was purchased on.


  • Faster movement speed
  • 20% damage buff (melee included)
  • 20% faster reload speed
  • Improved jump height


  • Juice is extremely useful if your teammates are engaged in a fire fight.
    2014-02-10 00006

    Juice being used with the flak mod. Juice gives an orange variant of the green health effects.

    It allows them to escape more quickly or to fend them off more efficently.
  • Since any small amount of juice gives the full effect, its not uncommon to use flak juicing weapons.
  • A bonus is award for juicing the collector or juicing the hammer carrier. Increasing the speed on either of these players is incredibly vital.
  • If using a launcher, one could make sticky Proximity mines. This would allow self juicing (which would grant all the bonuses) or for teammates to run over the mines at random times.