Loadout Wiki

Chassis: Beam.pngBeam
Payload: Health.pngHealth
Stock Standard Stock.pngStandard_Stock
Trigger Full Auto.pngFull_Auto
Cooling Standard Magazine.pngStandard_Magazine
Barrel Assault.pngAssault
Scope Iron Sights.pngIron_Sights

Hello, I am ACGLuna, as you can tell from the name above. I am a Programmer, and a avid gamer as well. I discovered Loadout from a friend on a Team Fortress 2 server. I downloaded and played it, and had fun.

Now I am here to help make this Wiki better. I Know both HTML and CSS and can use them if needed. I typically will be found creating new templates or general site improvements.

I was a user and contributer of the Team Fortress 2 wiki. don't get it wrong, I was not the first person to arrive after a content update. I was around edit #50 to a new page. But my job was to make sure everything looked right and that it matched the wiki style. I also realized after i made this account that i could have used the same wikia account from the tf2 wiki, but it is sometimes best to keep your accounts seperate.

I work behind-the-scenes to deliver the end user the best quality experience I can.