This page is to show an example of how weapon pages should be laid out.Edit

Assault RifleEdit

The Assault Rifle is a very basic weapon, that everyone starts with. Despite being very simple, it can be quite effective when used correctly. As such, it should not be underestimated when using it.


Damage 5.65
Rate of Fire 11.76
Reload TIme 1.60s
Clip Size 50
Range 125.00
Hip Acc. 41.18%
Aim Acc. 81.30%
Stability 42.26%


Chassis Rifle
Stock Standard
Scope Iron Sights
Barrel Assault
Trigger Full-Auto
Magazine Standard
Payload Slug

(Note: Amount of rows should vary depending on chassis, e.g. more slots for customization on launchers)


The default asssault rifle is not very complicated, so there isn't much to say about tactics. Probably the best way to use it is to charge-in, guns-a-blazing with a good Launcher and a good load of grenades for good measure.


Assault and BatteryEdit

Weapon 1 - Assault Rifle
Weapon 2 - Grenade Launcher
Accessory - Hand Grenade

Should be used as a rush loadout; charge in and destroy as much as possible

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Weapon 1 - Lorem Ipsum
Weapon 2 - Assault Rifle
Accessory - Lorem Ipsum

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