As a Wiki, we have to be able to convey the information to people who read the Wiki clearly and concisely. As such, there must be a standard for it, which is what this page is about. Please read this page carefully before writing articles, as breaking these is very annoying for both people reading the Wiki and the staff, as we have to clean it up continually. Breaking these standards repeatedly will result in punishments if necessary, despite any well-meaning with the articles.

Grammar, Spelling and PunctuationEdit

One of the major annoyances in the Wiki is when people fail to correctly spell certain words, or have bad grammar. If you are unsure of a word, run it through a spell check, and make sure it's correct before posting. The same applies to grammatical errors. If you are not a native English speaker, then please be extra careful, though small errors such as mistyping or common errors made by foreign speakers will usually be discarded. In addition, please be sure to capitalise words when appropriate


oftne it is bettar to use tesla as it drains the shilds but doe'snt hav much damag loss.  
Often, it is better to use Tesla as it drains shields, but doesn't have much damage loss. 


Another big mistake people make is using pronouns to express their opinion, or someone else's. It can become confusing for the reader, and looks very informal. Please refrain from using personal pronouns and substitute them with a more generic option.


You may want to try using this weapon, since my friends have tried it out, and it is very powerful. 
It may be in beneficial to try using this weapon, as some who have tried it have noted how powerful it is.