The X-Ray scope is an attachement avaliable for all weapons. It can be unlocked in the tech tree by unlocking the Bio Scanner (through the iron sights branch). It cost 3600 blutes, regardless of the weapon its purchased for, but would have to be purchased multiple times for different weapons. 

2014-02-10 00002

The X-Ray scope in the tech tree


The stats of the X-Ray Scope are identical to the stock iron sight, with the major difference being able to see through walls.


The X-Ray Scope can be an extremely useful attachement. It allows for a player to predict the path of other players. This can be useful for those using the Super Slow
2014-02-10 00004

The X-Ray scope viewing through a wall. It will show skeletons and movement up to a certain distance.

mod, or those who enjoy placing sticky bombs. It can see both friendly and enemy players.